LIST Industries Inc. - Parent Company

List Industries Inc.
Parent Company

List Industries Incorporated was founded in 1936 by Max H. List with the idea that customer satisfaction and product quality would be the basis for success. With the acquisition of Broward Custom Woodwork and Florida Lockers in early 2009, company president Herbert A. List, Jr. (JR) continues to expand the List Industries Inc. locker product offering. By remaining an industry leader and innovator, List Industries Inc. continues to build on the foundation established by JR's grandfather more than 70 years ago.

List Industries Inc., manufacturer of Superior Lockers - "America's Most Complete Locker Line", offers a complete line of steel lockers that is unsurpassed in the industry and includes:

  • Fully-framed all-welded athletic and corridor lockers
  • Single-point maintenance-free athletic and corridor locker
  • Bulk storage lockers
  • Standard K.D. type athletic and corridor lockers

In addition to lockers, List Industries Inc. also offers a complete line of steel shelving, boltless rivet-type shelving, portable traffic control/security gates and welded and K.D. storage cabinets.

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List Industries - Park Vista Locker Project

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